Iran Scenic Desert Tour

10-16 Day

Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances may arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Trip Overview, Iran Desert Tour:

This tour like many other Iran tours starts from Tehran, the capital of Iran, a city with modern structure is home to many historic mosques, churches, museums and palaces. However, after Tehran our tour moves towards the beautiful deserts of Iran. Traveling to desert is like a dream, walking barefoot through soft dry sand , visiting untouched regions, spending some time with nice people in beautiful villages and oases. In short, desert or Kavir is sand, sun and deep silence that you can not find anywhere else.

Included Highlights:

Jame Mosque
Abyaneh Historical Village
Tabatabaie Residence
Fin Garden
Maranjab Caravanserai

Optional Activities:

Spend Time with desert, Dashte Lut Desert
Traditional Hotel

Tour Facts:

Accommodation: Hotel, Guest House, Camping (With Facilities)
Transport: Private vehicle, Flight
Visa: Free on Tour (Apply)
Customizable: Yes


Package 1:

Day 1: Tehran 

Arrive at late afternoon or evening in Tehran IKIA, Transfer to hotel.

Overnight Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran

Full day city tour in Tehran, starting with Archaeology Museum, and Golestan Complex (UWH) then National Jewelry Museum or Glass and Ceramics Museum, sightseeing Baghe Melli Portal. Visit Tehran Bazaar/Carpet Bazaar

Late afternoon Tabiat Bridge.

Overnight Tehran.

Day 3: Tehran-Kashan

Ride to Kashan get an insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabai and Boroojerdiha houses. Tread in Fin gardens of Kashan and once again praise Persian garden designers. Afternoon desert tour.

Other visiting opportunity that day: Imam Khomeini Holy Shrine, Qom Holy Shrine

Overnight Maranjab Desert

Day 4: Kashan-Isfahan

Half day in desert, ride to Isfahan via Abyaneh historical village.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 5: Isfahan

Full day city tour in Isfahan, visit Naghshe Jahan Square (UWH), includes Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, Ali Qapou Palace and walk through Gheysarieh Bazaar. Also visit Chehel Sotun Palace (UWH). At night stroll amoung the significant old bridges across the ZayandehRoud River.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 6: Isfahan – Shiraz (instead of Shiraz we can replace Varzaneh Desert)

Ride to Shiraz Stop in Pasargadae, Getting Shiraz visit Holy shrine of Shiraz, Shahcheragh. Iranian Ancient sport, Zorkhaneh.

Overnight Shiraz

Day 7: Shiraz

Full day city tour of Shiraz to visit Nasir Almolk Mosque, Hafez Tomb, Vakil complex

Overnight Shiraz

Day 8: On the road to Yazd

Ride to Yazd stop Persepolis & Necropolis and Abarkoh city to visit Agha Zadeh historical house and 4000 years old cypress.

Overnight Zeynoddin caravansary

Day 9: Yazd

Full day visiting, get the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting their fire temple and towers of silence there. Admire people of Iranian plateau by visiting Yazd water museum and learn about the underground water canals, Qanats. Gaze at the high minarets and nice brick and tile work of Yazd Jame mosque and visit the marvelous Islamic Amirchaghmagh complex.

Overnight Yazd

Day 10: On the road to Khur

Ride to Khur stop to see the Zoroastrian Chak Chak Temple, where the mountain is said to have parted to shelter a Sassanid princess fleeing from an invading army.

Visit Kharaneqe departure to Khur via Garmeh Village

Overnight Khur/Garmeh

Day 11: Mesr & Farahzad

Ride to Mesr Desert, Trekking and Off-road.

Overnight Farahzad

Day 12: Tabas

Ride to Tabas, visit Salt Lake, Salt waterfall, Sightseeing around Tabas- Mohamad abad and the City attractions, Shrine, Goshan Garden.

Overnight Tabas

Day 13: Tabas

Ride to kharu Village to visit Morteza Ali Fountain & Shah Abbasi Dam

Rest of Tourism attractions of Tabas

Overnight Tabas

Day 14: Tabas – Departure 

Morning flight to Tehran.

Departure Imam Khomeini Airport

Package 2: Custom-made (Send us your favorite destinations, we design together)  

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