Iran Visa Application

Tourist's passports no longer stamped in Iran!

Iran Visa application

Applying online for your authorization number:
In order to apply and get a visa you must submit your passport details to an authorized Iranian travel or tour company like We Go Persia. After receiving your information we apply online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to get your visa approval number. Your visa will then be processed and if approved an authorization number will be sent to the Iranian embassy you nominated to have it picked up at. We will then email you the authorization number after that you can pick up your visa. The authorization number means that your visa has been approved by the MFA but it is not the visa itself. If you need to change the embassy location after the approval, you have to ask us for applying again. Normal processing time by the MFA is 2-4 days and longer (more than 20 to 45 days) for passports from USA and UK and Canada. Remember Iran visa for US, UK and Canadian passport holder, have a additional step that they should attach a guide and hotel booking to their information.

Remember that: Tourist’s passports no longer stamped in Iran, If you try visa application code!  

• Authorization number Requirements:
1- scanned copy of passport + Photo ID (Send that to
2- filling up the form we send you.
3- Pay for authorization number (30 EUR Per Person)
*****(If you travel with us, this service will be free on tour)

Picking up your visa on arrival at an Iranian Airport:
Visas are available for pick up at Tehran (Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz) International Airport on arrival for about 70 nationalities. This method is more convenient. Citizens of these countries holding ordinary passports and wishing to visit Iran mainland, can obtain a 30 day Tourist Visa Upon Arrival with their authorization number at the airports. We will apply for your Iran visa and send the authorization number to you to give it to the visa officer at check in. Once you arrive at the airport in Iran proceed to the Visa Office to have your visa issued. Note that these airport offices sometimes take 20-45 minutes to process your visa and if there is a large group waiting then sometimes longer. If you don’t have the authorization number sometimes you will have to wait for at least one hour (depending on the nationality.) Proof of medical travel insurance is now compulsory and is available for sale at the immigration office at the airport (Around 14 EUR).
• The Documents you will need to obtain your visa from Iranian embassy:
1- Passport with empty pages (must have more than 6 months of validity left)
2- A standard application form from the embassy or consulate where you want to collect your visa
3- Four passport sized photos (Many Iranian embassies require female travelers to provide visa photo with their hair covered under a scarf)
4- Proof of medical travel insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage)
5- Your Visa authorization Number
6- Payment; Cost for the visa depends on nationality and sometimes needs to be made at a local bank
7- Some embassies ask for 1 or 2 photocopies of your passport photo page
8- Copy of your trip voucher and proof of onward travel from Iran
*This document is asked for getting a touristic Iran visa, we will be available for calls from the embassy or travelers.

Some important points to remember for Iran visa:

• Note: Passengers who opt to obtain a visa upon arrival will only be issued a 15-day visa but if you ask for 30 days, depending on nationality it would be possible.
• Note: Citizens of Canada, USA, UK, Colombia, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh,Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Somali cannot get a visa on arrival.
• Note: All citizen of USA/Canada/UK traveling on a group or private tour must attach booked hotels with a registered guide to be allowed a visa to Iran. Our touring company provides and facilitates all these steps.
• Note: Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh Citizens must go to the Iran’s embassies in their countries for Iran Visa (travel agency can not apply the visa for these countries.)

Remember that: Tourist’s passports no longer stamped in Iran, If you try visa application code!