Iran Tourist Credit Card

iran tourist card

Iran Tourist Credit Card
Tourist Card is a new, secure and easy way to use your money in Iran. The Card is type of debit card and attached to a bank account. Tourist Card is issued by Sepah bank, Iran Culture Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourist Organization. Sepah Bank -the first Iranian Bank is the distributor of the Card and is responsible for providing various cardholder services.



iran tourist credit card


– The card can be used anywhere in Iran for cash withdrawals at ATM and for the purchase of goods and services in-store, online where banking card is accepted electronically.
– The Card can be loaded up to an equivalent amount USD 10000$ and hold one currency
– Value can be reloaded onto card until it expires.
– For additional security card enabled with a PIN
– Card limits apply: minimum single load USD 50$; maximum load equivalent of USD 10000$, maximum available balance USD 10000$
– There is no transaction fee for purchase and no ATM fee for withdrawal.
– No need to card activation
– Issue with zero balance
– Online access to your transaction history
– The Card will be issued for every visitors who are over 18 years
– Get discount in several merchants


Reloading The Card is easy:
– At any foreign exchange that listed by Iran Central Bank
– At any Sepah Bank branch


– 24/7 Assistance if your Card lost, stolen or damaged:
– At any Sepah Bank branch
– Contact to WeGoPersia: Hotline:+98 9131095622


You may purchase a card:
-WeGoPersia Touring Co. Even couple of months before your trip to Iran.
– Using the web site:
– Send request to:



-Passport scanned (Email to: )

-Application fee 15 Euro

-Payment and picking up at arrival or (Tehran-Isfahan-Yazd-Shiraz) 1-3 working day

  • Remember: If you travel with us this service will be free on tour.