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Yasin Salsali, Metal Artist

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Yasin Salsali was born in the artistic city of Isfahan in 1994. He started learning drawing and Persian painting (miniature) under the supervision of the master Hojjat Poursina and due to his passion to Toreutics & Niello he learned skills of this art under the supervision of the master Charganeh.
And for the time being he is working on different styles of Toreutics in finest way such as:
Safavid fine pattern, Qajar, Achaemenid, Sasanid, Persepolis pattern, Flower and Bird, Islamic, Niello, relief & fretwork on gold, silver, copper, brass, and containers such as vase, decanter, chocolate container, box, board, and his special style (Safavid)
He learned calligraphy (Nastaliq) from the master Mrs. Fatemi and in Calligraphy Toreutics he follows the style of Safavid such as master Mansour Hafezparast. He has cooperation with calligraphy master Mohammadreza Rahimi and at same time teaches the students.
Although he is very young, quality of his works has been admired by many artists in the field and they consider a shiny and bright future for him.
His honors are participating in national and international exhibitions and national festivals.
Recent honors:
Receiving the national sign of quality
Honor diploma of Fajr festival in 1398
Temporary show of his work in the national museum
Sending his work to UNESCO competition
You can follow his artistic works with the brand of “Salsaliart”

salsali art