Glory of Iran Tour

30 Day

It is a-dream-come-true for the art and history lovers. In this tour, you can truly see and absorb all the glory of Iran. With many number of UNESCO world heritage sites, Iran is one of the countries in the world with many tourist attractions.

Imagine visiting the magnificent prehistoric ruins in Persepolis and Pasargadae, stunning architecture in Isfahan, ornate domes and minarets in Yazd, dreamy Persian gardens in Shiraz and Kerman, Tabriz ancient bazaars, and many more breathtaking monuments plus the delicous Persian cuisine and super friendly people; it will be an amazing trip of a life time.

Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances may arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Trip Overview:

This tour like many other Iran tours starts from Tehran, the capital of Iran, a city with modern structure which is home to many historic mosques, churches, museums and palaces. However after Tehran our tour moves towards some beautiful cities of Iran.

Included Highlights:

UNESCO world heritage sites

Optional Activities:

Spend Time with UWH sites
Traditional Hotels/Deserts

Tour Facts:

Accommodation: Hotel, Guest House, Camping (With Facilities)
Transport: Private vehicle, VIP van/coach
Visa: Free on Tour (Apply)
Customizable: Yes

Day 1: Tehran – Isfahan

Arrive in Tehran IKIA, Take a taxi to South Tehran Bus Terminal. Take a Bus to Isfahan.

Take a taxi to Domestic airport. Fly to Isfahan.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 2: Isfahan

Full day city tour in Isfahan, visit Naghshe Jahan Square (UWH), includes Imam & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, Ali Qapou Palace and walk through Gheysarieh Bazaar. Also visit Chehel Sotun Palace (UWH). Experience a night atmosphere of old bridges across the ZayandehRoud River.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 3: Isfahan 

City tour that covers the rest of highlights of this celebrated historical city and visit the magnificent Jame Atigh Mosque. Another world heritage sites of Iran in UNESCO and one of the oldest mosques of Iran. Spend time in Christian town (Jolfa), visit Vank Cathedral & Armenian Museum.

Overnight Isfahan

Day 4: Isfahan-Shiraz 

Take a day bus to Shiraz

Overnight Shiraz

Day 5: Shiraz 

Full day city tour of Shiraz to visit Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenejestan Ghavam Garden. Eram Garden

Afternoon visit Hafez & Saadi Tomb,

Overnight Shiraz

Day 6: Shiraz 

Spending and visisting, Vakil complex, Vakil Mosque, Bath house and Bazzar

Afternoon visit Shahcheragh Shrine.

Overnight Shiraz

Day 7: Shiraz – Persepolis

Ride to Persepolis and Necropolis (Naqsh e Rostam) and unearth the ruins of Persepolis as a world heritage. Stop in Pasargadae to Visit Cyrus the great Tomb.

Overnight Shiraz/Bovanat

Day 8: Bavanat

Ride to Bavanat, enjoy village tour & Nomad life tour

Spend time in Bavanat Nature

Overnight Village house / Nomad Tent Bavanat

Day 9: Meymand – Mahan

Ride to Meymand, enjoy village tour

Spend time, continue to Mahan city

Overnight Mahan

Day 10: Mahan – Rayen

Ride to Rayen and spot the imposing deserted citadel of Rayen. Back to Mahan, visit Shahzadeh Garden & Meet Sufis who have travelled a long way to pay homage to their Sufi master Shah Nematollah Valiin his shrine.

Overnight Mahan/Kalut

Day 11: Shahdad-Kalut

Full day desert tour, Enjoy with sunrise/sunset Lut Desert

Overnight desert Eco lodge house

Day 12: Kerman – Yazd

Ride to Kerman, stop in Kerman visit Ganjalikhan complex and Traditional Bazaar.

Continue to Yazd

Overnight Yazd

Day 13: Yazd

Full day visiting, get the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting their fire temple and towers of silence there. Admire people of Iranian plateau by visiting Yazd water museum and learn about the underground water canals, Qanats. Gaze at the high minarets and nice brick and tile work of Yazd Jame mosque and visit the marvelous Islamic Amirchaghmagh complex.

Overnight Yazd

Day 14: On the road to Abyaneh

Ride to Abyaneh stop in Meybod city, visit the 2,000-year-old Narin Castle, which functioned as a fire temple and a fortress and visit one of the 999 caravanserais built by Safavid Shah Abbas I throughout the country, Ice House and…

Ride to Chak chak the Zoroastrian Temple, where the mountain is said to have parted to shelter a Sassanid princess fleeing from an invading army.

Overnight Abyaneh

Day 15: Natanz – Kashan

Visit Abyaneh ride to Kashan, short tour of Jame mosque of Natanz. Continue to Kashan, Afternoon ride to Maranjab desert spend a night in the heart of desert different experience than Lut Desert.

Overnight Desert Caravansary

Day 16: Kashan

Back to Kashan, visit Nush Abad Ancient Undergrad City.

Visit Kashan, get an insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabai and Boroojerdiha houses. Soltan ahmad Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg Mosque.

Overnight Kashan

Day 16: Kashan

Back to Kashan, visit Nush Abad Ancient Undergrad City.

Visit Kashan, get an insight into Iranian traditional houses by visiting Tabatabai and Boroojerdiha houses. Soltan ahmad Bathhouse, Agha Bozorg Mosque.

Overnight Kashan

Day 17: Kashan – Tehran

Tread in Fin gardens of Kashan and once again praise Persian garden designers.

Afternoon Bus to Tehran

Overnight Tehran

Day 18: Tehran

Full day visiting of central Tehran, Iran National museum, Golestan palace, Tehran Bazaar

Overnight Tehran

Day 19: Tehran

Full day visit North of Tehran, Saadabad Museum Complex, Tajrish Bazaar, Tabiat bridge, Azadi Tower…

Overnight Tehran

Day 20: Qazvin – Alamut

Ride to Alamut Castle. Enjoy with mountain, visit the citadel of Hassan Sabbah

Overnight Eco lodge house near to Rasht

Day 21: Anzali – Masuleh

Ride to Anzali, visit Anzali Lagoon Caspian Sea side continue to Masuleh village via Gilan Rural Heritage Museum

Overnight Masuleh

Day 22: Masuleh – Ardabil – Sarein

Enjoy with the atmosphere of the village, Visit the town

Ride to Ardabil

Overnight Sarein

Day 23: Ardabil – Sarein 

Ride to Ardabil, visit Sheikh Safi Al-Din Shrine as one Iran world heritage site and the Museum of Anthropology.

Afternoon Sarein city where is well known as its hot springs, Taking one of the spa service center!

Overnight Sarein

Day 24: Sarein – Tabriz 

Ride to Tabriz, Enjoy with colorful mountains on the way to Tabriz.

Visit eli goli mansion and park.

Overnight Tabriz

Day 25: Tabriz

City tour in Tabriz to get important sites, Blue Mosque, Mashrooteh Museum, Jame Mosque of Tabriz, continue to Tabriz Bazaar, Timche Mozafariyeh (Carpet Bazaar), Saheb ol Amr Mosque and Calligraphy Museum. Muharam ceremony

Optional visit that day: Ride to Jolfa visit the St.Stefanos Church (UWH), after that drive to Qareh Kelisa visit Taddaus Church (UWH)

Overnight Tabriz

Day 26: Tabriz – Kandovan village 

Ride to volcanic Kandovan, after passing the city of Oskoo and beautiful mountainous scenery we will reach this marvelous village. The special architecture of Kandovan is the reason of its universal reputation.

Kandovan is a beautiful sample of presence and using of nature in men’s life.

Overnight Kandovan Village

Day 27: Kandovan – Takht-e solyman 

Ride to Takht-e Solyeman registered world heritage and its Anahita temple and Azargashnasab fire temple are the third most important fire temple during Sasanian kingdom.

Overnight Takht-e Solyeman/Takab

Day 28: On the way to Hamadan 

Ride to Hamadan visit Alisadr Cave one of the biggest and most unique water caves in the world!

On the way to Hamadan stop in Lalejin the center of pottery and ceramic products

Overnight Hamedan

Day 29: Hamadan

Full day city tour in Hamadan, visit Baba Taher tomb, Avicenna Mausoleum, Alavian dome, drive to the Hegmataneh pre-Islamic town and museum. Afterwards visit the Jewish prophet tombs of Ester and Mordkhai.

Afternoon drive to Ganjnameh to visit Achaemenes inscriptions.

Overnight Hamedan/Imam Khomeini Airport

Day 30: Departure 


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