Iran Spa Tour

11 Days

Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances may arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Trip Overview:

This tour like many other Iran tours starts from Tehran, the capital of Iran, a city with modern structure is home to many historic mosques, churches, museums and palaces. However after Tehran our tour moves towards some beautiful cities of Iran.

Included Highlights:

Golestan Palace
Lar Valley
Chalus Tele cabine
Masuleh Village
Ardabil spas
Tabriz Bazaar

Optional Activities:

Spend Time with SPA
Traditional Hotel

Tour Facts:

Accommodation: Hotel, Guest House, Camping (With Facilities)
Transport: Private vehicle, Flight
Visa: Free on Tour (Apply)
Customizable: Yes

Day 1: Tehran
Arrival in Tehran, transfer to hotel.
Hotel in Tehran Breakfast

Day 2: Tehran
Full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Palace (Unesco world Heritage site ) that is The oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran and a world heritage .It consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and originally built during the Safavid dynasty. Then visiting The Archaeological or national museum which is the combination of two museums, the old Archaeological Museum of Iran and the modernistic white travertine National Arts Museum with eight departments and finally Glass and Carpet Museums.
Hotel in Tehran- Breakfast

Day 3: Tehran – Larijan
Ride to Ab Garm Larijan district in Lar valley. The water from this spring is useful in the treatment of chronic wounds, and skin diseases. Near these springs there are some public baths with small pools for public use. The surrounding environment has intermingled with a pleasant moderate climate and eye-catching high mountain landscapes. Continue our way to Amol
Hotel in Amol -Breakfast

Day 4: Amol – Ramsar
Ride to Ramsar, enroute visiting beautiful city of chalus to enjoy its Tele Cabin and eye-catching scenery, Ejabat & Chaikhoran Palace, then Kelardasht and Ramsar.
Hotel in Ramsar- Breakfast

Day 5: Ramsar
Full day city tour of Ramsar to visit its attractions and also famous spas of the city.
Hotel in Ramsar- Breakfast

Day 6: Ramsar – Masuleh
Ride to Masuleh, enroute visiting Markooh castle, Javaher Deh Distinct, Ramsar Museum then Roodkhan castle in Fouman.
Hotel in Masuleh- Breakfast

Day 7: Masuleh – Ardabil
Ride to Ardabil, the city of hot springs and delicious foods like Honey and Ash Doogh (Yogurt Soup). It has a charming climate that every year attracs many passengers. Its name is Sarein and means “Spring’s Outlet”. Enroute a short stop in Anzali to visit its beautiful lagoon.( There are two options for this route : Asalem road and Astara road that each one has its own attractions such a spa )
Hotel in Ardabil -Breakfast

Day 8: Ardabil
Full day city tour of Ardebil to visit the historical city of Ardebil that is believed to be as old as the Achaemenid (ca. 550–330 BC). Its name comes from the Zoroastrian name of “Artawila”, which means a holy place. City tour will be started by visiting The complex of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili (Unesco world Heritage site) that comprises the mausoleums of Sheikh Safi, its dome called “Allah-Allah, Shah Ismail I, the house of chinaware (Chini khaneh), a mosque, Jannat Sara (meaning the house of paradise), the house of Dervishes (Khanaqah), the house of lamps (Cheragh Khaneh), Shahid khaneh (the house of martyrs) and Chelleh Khaneh. The mausoleum of Sheikh Safi, then Bazaar and other attractions and also famous spas of the city.
Hotel in Ardabil -Breakfast

Day 9: Ardabil – Meshkin Shahr
Ride to Meshkin shahr to visit its beautiful attractions including different spas, then Tabriz. .
Hotel in Tabriz -Breakfast

Day 10: Ardabil – Tabriz
Full day city tour of Tabriz to visit Blue Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum, Golestan Park, Saat Tower and Arg and The spectacular Bazaar of Tabriz that is one of the oldest bazaars of the Middle East and the largest covered bazar in the World. (UNESCO World Heritage Site). It comprises of several sub-bazaars, such as Amir Bazaar for gold and jewelry, Mozzafarieh in which you can find the most beautiful and luxurious carpets in Iran and even world,  Shoes Bazaar, and many other ones for various goods ;El Goli park will be the last attraction .
Hotel in Tabriz- Breakfast

Day 11: Tabriz – Tehran
Half day city tour of Tehran and bazaar. Transfer to Airport for departure; Then transfer to Imam Airport for departure flight.

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